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Written by:

Pork McElhinny

(C) Copyright


At five o'clock I came in here
With some friends that I work with for just one beer
Now they're all gone and out of here..but I'm not

When I start drinking I can't quit
A bucket of beer is like a bag of chips
And I'm still thirsty for one more beer

I'm still thirsty for one more beer
Why 10 won't quench my thirst ain't exactly clear
You'll have to run me out of money if you wanna run me out of here
When I'm still thirsty for one more beer

Bartender says lets call it a night
Then pulls the strings on all the neon lights
But me I think the time is just right for one more beer

What's one more round gonna hurt
When the one I stopped in for didn't work
Come on bartender I'm not even being a jerk


If I'm the last one out of won't be a first
You can wet my whistle...but you can never quench my thirst


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